Why do you figure people come here to complain about their mates breaking up with them, and yet they INSIST

...that the person who dumped them is STILL in love with them or will suddenly find their way back?

Why is is that people seek advice from an unbiased party,and then willingly rejects that advice just to perpetuate their own turmoil?

I've seen this numerous times,and when you are trying to actively help them sort their problems,their knickers get in a bunch when you tell them the bloody truth.What gives? When all you are doing is trying to help?


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  • You summed it up elegantly.

    The question askers are not a representative segment of the population; the very fact that they are here self-selects and may suggest an predetermined agenda.

    A significant portion of the questions are self-serving. Another category is ME, ME, ME. Also, do guys like... in the category of style. Most guys don't give a hoot about what a woman wears. These women seem to think that this impresses guys. It doesn't, It does impress the competition-other women.

    What impresses guys is what's on the inside. Caring beats fashion any day. It seems that the women who ask the fashion questions know what the answer may be, but refuse to change into someone whom a guy could really like. Fear or self-absorption.

    Shyness is also self-absorption.

    Others know the answer but need verification.

    Many of the questions would be answered if the asker would simply extrapolate the behavior into the future.

    Have we covered a major portion of the questions?

    You seem to have your head screwed on right.

    I don't send friend requests to women, but I'd like to be friends.

    If you also wish to be friends, please send me a friend request..


    • Poor spelling and grammar are turn-offs. There's a question here that Has Every Letter Starting With A Capital. Guaranteed skip.

      The red underlines are intended to help spelling. Ignoring them sends the message that the questioner may ignore an answer or isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

      And yes, I'm venting.


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