More likely reason for a break up?

So I believe I'm a true hopeless romantic, so much so that I realize there's no hope for me so giving up on love is the most logical choice for me. Anyway...

First off we're both 23. Roughly 6 months ago my ex left me. (still not over her, I'm pathetic) The reason why she says she left me was because she feared I was completely happy at the current job I was at then, while she worked at the EXACT same place. I was only there for 8 months and here there for 5 years. I was looking for a better job whilst there. I had/have dreams about making beautiful things out of wood and other materials (furniture) Another fault was that I didn't have my driver license because I was completely terrified because I was hit by a car when I was younger and shattered my hips. Regardless, I was working on it. We lived together and were truly happy for quite some time. I trusted her to go out to the bar alone or hang out with friends, especially one guy friend she knew for quite sometime. I trusted her completely 100% and she was happy for that, I guess. Well during the last month or so she kept hanging out with her guy friend a lot more often, which I didn't mind. I hung out with the guy before and thought he was pretty cool. I didn't like however in the last month or so when I'd asked to come hang out, she'd say no you don't have to come. If we got into a fight, she'd cool down at his house, I hated that too. We had a pretty good sex life until the last month or so and she didn't want it much anymore. When we did break up she always hung out with him and a month after out break up she is openly with the d***. And he works at the SAME place we both worked at. How can you leave me because she feared I was happy there for the rest of my life when she's been there 5 years and same for him? Is it more likely that she was just a cheating ***** like the rest of them or that she left me for the reasons she stated and I'm just completely full of ****? Let me know your opinion.


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  • Awwww I know this must hurt but if it helps, reading this restores my faith in the male race, it's good to know that some of you are actual romantics and aren't just using us all. It's awful that she was so awful to you and I agree, sounds like she was cheating. You can do so much better. Please don't give up on love, a girl will be so lucky to have you in the future.

  • she was cheating. the other reasons were excuses. and you're not pathetic not at all. she hurt you it's understandable buddy. :)


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