How can I get me ex back?

So, my ex and I have/were dating for 9 months. Last week we broke-up. I had made a sarcastic joke but I sounded like a bitch. I was upset on how he didn't say or gave me hug before he decided to hang out with his girlbest friend that likes him(Steph).I tested asking him where he was and he didn't reply he ignored my text and I saw him walking with Steph. My friend Brandon saw so he started talking to me. For fitness I was with my friend Brandon because I was upset at the fact that he didn't say hello,didnt hug me and ignored me. The next day we were trying to fix things but it just seemed as if he didn't want to be there so I told him "you don't have to be here if you don't want to" so he left.Later that day his friend came up to me to tell me that he didn't know we broke up and I was in shocked because I didn't know either. That same day we broke up he was with Steph the whole time so people assumed that they have a thing. I couldn't be near him because I was to and still am I bit emotional from the break up. He would say hi in the hallway and that's about it. He kept texting me. I told him that I really wanted us because we had made plans to be together forever. he told me he wanted me back after we broke up but I was avoiding him so he thought I didn't care him anymore. He said he didn't know that the girl he loved the most would treat him like sh*t not once but more times. He said that he gets jealous when I'm around other guys that are not him. I asked him if I could go to his house and he said he didn't know because he didn't want things to be awk and his mom getting the wrong impression. I had a dream that he moved on and I asked him if he did and he said it wouldn't be fair because he still has feelings for me and that there's no one to move on too. I've told him that I don't mean to avoid him but that hard for me and he said its hard for him to but he still wants me to be in his life. When I ask him to try it out again he says that I don't keep my promises because the two days before I had promised him that I would think before speaking and he said I broke my promise and that he doesn't want to keep getting hurt. When I ask him if he thinks we can get back he says "i can't promise you anything". We talk late at night and text but when I say I love you he says it hurts to hear it from the person he loves so much but hurt him.Steph was talking to this guy and stopped talking to him so she can get with my ex. His mom texted me saying that she wishes we could get back together and thank you for being respectful towards her and that if I ever need a friend she's there for me. Like I'm trying to show him that I do care by me texting him first, not talking to many guys so he won't get jealous, going up to him and that I love him but I don't know what else to do. What can I do to get him back?


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  • It seems that he really doesn't want to be back with you.

    Though it's hard, find another guy.


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  • It's sounds like he's leading you on.. If he really did want to get back together he would have done it by now! You sound like a very sweet girl who deserves better than whoever this guy is! I've delt with many guys like this it's better to move on then be lead on.


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