Ex-girlfriend broke up with me, kept things going for 2 months, then just cut all communication? Help Girls!!

Dated and lived with Exgirlfriend for 2 and a half years. She has a 3 year old daughter which I consider "mine" for all intensive purposes... She broke up with me saying that she had been unhappy for a while (which is weird because exactly a week before on new years she was telling all my friends at a party about how she couldn't wait for us to get married and have more kids)

She saw her ex at a party in between new years and us breaking up but swears on her daughter nothing happened. Told me that they just "caught up".

Anyway, we broke up and kept doing things for the next two months. She would call me, I would call her. Towards the end of the two months we were actually spending weekends together as a family again and everything was looking good! A few times in the two months I did ask her what she was feeling about us and got emotional a few times as well telling her how much I love her and her daughter. (They mean the world to me honestly). She told me to stop pushing the matter and at one point even told me..."whatever we are doing..just take it slow". Which was fine with me!

We last saw each other on a Sunday after spending the weekend together as a family. We ate dinner together and I left (because we weren't living together anymore..she moved back in with her parents). She asked me to come over to help her with homework the next day so I drove over there... I got there and she text as I got in the driveway "hey did you leave yet because I'm tired, I just want to go to bed." I said "well you asked me to come over and I'm here, can I at least come in and say hi". She said no, she didn't feel like it. I told her I was disappointed and she said we would hang out on Wednesday. Okay..I left.

She texted on Wednesday afternoon and said "are you still coming over tonight". I said "yes". She said, "okay see you when you get here". She texted 2 hours later and said her parents were coming home early from vacation". I said "okay do you want to hang out somewhere else". She said, "no I think I'm just going to go to bed.

Now this is twice in one week that she did that so I was frustrated and told her I was dissappointed again. BUT, I went home AGAIN!.. Friday I texted to see if she wanted to get together during the weekend and she completely flipped. She told me that she was sick of me texting her and if "she wanted to hang out or talk that she would call me or text me" and stop annoying her and started saying awful things like she hates me and wants me to "get out of her life" and things.deleted me from Facebook.everyting. mind you ...I only texted...

1. Her back on Monday

2. Her back on Wednesday

3. Once on Friday.

I asked her why she was doing this and what I did wrong and she said she doesn't have to explain herself to me. I sent her an email asking her if there was an ultimatum between being just friends or nothing at all I would chose being friends. he responded with "right now I need nothing at all" Is there any hope? What did I do?
I just want to talk to her. There was no "final conversation". No "goodbye". Literally the last time I saw her we kissed each other goodbye and said, "I'll see you tomorrrow".

After she told me these things and gave me no answers I kept trying to get them from her for like a week. Tried texting a few times. Emailed once. I asked her friend (that is our mutual friend that I introduced her to, but it is a female) for advice... she found out I asked her for advice and was furious that I asked her!
I know I pushed, but it wasn't because of any reason except that I had no answers and was very hurt and confused. I loved her very much. I was going to ask her to marry me this summer. Do you think she just needs space and she will eventually contact me? I stopped trying to contact her after she told me "right now I need nothing at all"... but I'm so hurt and I miss her more than anything in the world. She was the one for me... and her daughter(our daughter) was the light of my life... now gone
kay guys. I need your help. I owe my ex 50 dollars for the last bills at our previous home. I'm going to put it in an envelope and leave it in her mailbox. We haven't spoken for 9 days. I think the reason we aren't taking right now is because of how I tried so hard to keep her. I pushed too much. My question is. .. in the envelope I'm thinking I will leave a really short simple note that says "i am really sorry for how I acted. Not giving you space without pressure was a mistake and...


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  • You are not thinking any clear man. I understand because I went through this. She simply betrayed you that's how I see it. I simple and disgusting betrayal. The last thing you should do is to say sorry. She is the one who is indebted towards you. She is the one who needs to give you explanations. But she is not going to give you any, cause she has no good explanation. She will not say "I am sorry I acted heartless towards you"(What else can she say?). She will not to that. She loves her own blood more than anything else in the world, remember that. She thinks of herself and of her daughter first and foremost. Can't you see?! It is hard, I know. What can I say, be strong, be strong and if there is ever any chance to get things even, than do not forget what she did to you. It is reasonable that you do not forget what nasty action she chose to take against you. You did not fit her view any more and there you go. To dump you like a garbage bag after all that time that you have been together and only god knows how nice you where to her and her child she deserves to rot in hell. Good luck and be strong. One last thing, the only thing that might cause any trouble to her mind is if she sees you happy with another women. So good luck with that too.


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  • it sounds by the way she said she just wonted to go to bed that she just wonted to get out of plans and hang out with some one else. meaning she was out with another guy. honestly I think she's hooking up with someone else

    • most people feel gulty about what they are doing and try to blam it on other people

    • Probably her ex right? I mean come on... telling all of my friends how "she couldn't wait to be married and have kids" and then you see your ex at a party and 5 days later you break up with me! The question is...why did she keep things going for 2 months? We were doing so good and I literally did NOTHING wrong. Like I said... We kissed goodbye the last time we saw each other. Why would she do this to me? Do you think she will at least come around to talk to me? I didn't even get a goodbye...

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  • I think it has something to do with her ex. Or someone else if not her ex. what she did to you is very very bad and she is avoiding to explain to you because she has no good explanation. You deserve re compensation for the enormous morale damage she has caused you. She acted bloodless with you. Fridget cold. I think if you try and find out you will find someone else with her. Is the child yours?

    • Not biologically. But to me she is. I've been there for her whole life. ..

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