My brother always wants to hang out now that he is almost divorced.

My younger brother always wants to hang out now. It was cool at first...for like the first 5 months hanging out every day after wok but I like my privacy.

I swear, the minute I am about to get off work, he calls me to see what I am doing or when I get off work.

I try to be a good older brother and hang out with him because I know he is lonely and hurting after a 7 year marriage, but it is driving me crazy sometimes.

Sometimes I just want to go home and relax after a long day with peace and quiet!

but he wants to hang out or take him to go get a blue Monster energy drink.

So lately I have been busy and when I can't hang out with him, he thinks that I am mad at him or I don't want to hang out with him anymore.

I mean, he has tons of friends! He just wants to be around me all the time and I want my own life or to be left alone at times!



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  • Ask him why he doesn't go out with his friends anymore? That he needs to get his life back on track and be independent again. Tell him you understand he's having a hard time and that you'll be there for him, but that you both need your own lives again. Tell him you enjoyed the time you spent together and you wanna keep doing that, but not every single day anymore. Tell him that you want a nice relaxing evening in sometimes too.

    It'll hurt him hearing you say those things, but he needs a wake up call and get his life back in order instead of following you around like a puppy. It's like he lives his life through you, if you're not there he's depressed.

    I do think you should tell him, even though it'll hurt him. Tough love. But don't forget to tell him that you do wanna be there for him, but that it's up to him to get over the divorce.


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  • Tell your brother you will be there for him no matter what.

    Allow him to see things from your perspective.

    Let him know, you want to hang out with him but certain times you come from work you re exhausted and can't.

    Have a specific day of the week where you two hang out and enjoy each others company.

    Make that certain day, "you and his day".

    So , you can still maintain your privacy and keep your brother close.

  • Make an excuse onece out of 4 times. But make it a good one. You need to nudge him gently. Be there for him if he needs to talk. Above all be patient it is a short lived phase. He will get on soon enough. He is going through a period of adjustment. You can also introduce him to a few females if you like.

  • Its just that he's looking for comfort especially since you're such a good older bro. Sometimes hanging with family (if you're close) can more comforting than friends.


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  • It seems that he really want to enjoy himself now, and looks up to you when looking for girls.


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