A cheat and a player . Can I ever really trust him ?

Last night my boyfriend tells me that he cheated on his previous girlfriend several times . He also declared how many girls he has had sex with ... over 70 ! He's only 21 ! He has major trust issues with me though ! Yet I would not cheat ever and was a virgin until I met him ! I don't know now if I can trust him Can someone really change that much ? From being a cheat and a player to wanting a relationship.? I feel slightly betrayed because if I knew his background I would not ever go with him as from other people's experiences these type of guys very rarely change. But I really knew nothing about my boyfriend as he is from another town. I don't know what to think ! I am worried now as he has started recently to hang out with his mates more and go out with them. I offered one night to pick him up from a night out and stay at my house but he wanted to stay at his mates house ! I didn't think much of it at the time but surely a guy would prefer to sleep with his girlfriend than a mate ? HELP !


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  • Chalk it up to experience and dump him. Don't waste your time because he will hurt you like he did his last girlfriend. He has serious issues and, unless this was part of some grand gesture to show you that he loves you and wants to change more than anything, he is going to cheat on you. I am sure of it. He probably already has and staying at his mate's house was a lie.

    Sure, he took your virginity, but it's naive to think that that's a tangible thing that you actually had or that someone else could take from you. You're no less of a person. You're still worthy of a great guy and don't you dare deny yourself of that! You may have made a mistake by giving your heart to him, but you'd be making a much bigger one in thinking that you can change him.


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  • He will cheat on you.

    He will never be trusted.

  • Well how did you two get together? You must have had an idea that he was a bit of a ladies' man. Clearly he's not ashamed of it or secretive about it.

    • Thanks . I met him out at a bar and had no idea he was a "ladies man " I found him attractive and interesting . We dated for a few months and he asked me to be his girlfriend ! You're right he doesn't seem ashamed which worries me more !

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