I think my ex girlfiend cheated on me with her new boyfriend

Basically I was with my ex for 18 months. She had a lot of boy mates who she spent time with. She didn't like me spending time with my girl mates and always slaged them off. Since we finished she been licking my girl mates asses but I know she slags them off behind each others backs. One of the boys she hangs around with I know she seen a few times when we were arguing and going through a rough patch. We finished suddenly during this period. This was 5 months ago and I found out a week ago she is now with this guy "mate" she was spending time with when we going through a rough patch. I seen this guy a month ago and he looked like he seen a ghost when I said hi to him but I thought nothing of it because I had no idea they were together. Now putting all the facts together I strongly believe she was seeing him behind my back although she denys it. As far as I know they basically been meeting for ages and booked hols etc together. Should I beat him up? I've always been friendly with this guy and thought he was tidy. I'm really in two minds whether to just leave him do the dirty on me or kick the sh*t out of him. I don't want my ex back or anything at all just can decide whether to beat this guy up!?Any replys would be hugely appreciated thank you!xx

P.S I know if I see him out especially after a few drinks ill find it hard to resist hurting him


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  • Don't do anything rash, why get into trouble over someone who no longer gives a sh*t about you? From what your saying it does sound like she was seeing this guy when you was still together, the same thing happened to me also. But that's no excuse to loose your cool, you should walk away knowing you did nothing wrong with you head held high, they both know what the deal is, how can they seriously trust each other? I doubt it will last.

  • She's now your ex.

    She can do whatever she wants, and she's not obliged to be faithful to you.


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