Why do people get divorced?

For people who were once married and for those closely associated with people who got divorced.

Who initiated it and why?


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  • I know a few people who are divorced. Some of their divorces ended well others ended very badly.

    The reasons range from abuse and addiction, to simply growing apart and not loving each other any more.

    My neighbors when I was younger were actually BOTH gay. So they obviously got a divorce.

    Often times is was both of their faults, I've only seen two people get divorced where the blame could be 100% pinned on someone (it was the husbands). But other than that Both the husband and the wife were to blame.

    A majority of the time however, the man and woman shouldn't have gotten married to begin with.


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  • You very rarely know, and even when you think you know, you can find out years later you did not know the full story.

    Attorney's say the biggest drivers are issues around money and issues around sex.

    It can be hard to pinpoint what's cause and what's affect. Someone feels neglected, someone reaches out, someone is ignored for years, someone cheats, someone leaves. People love to blame the cheater, but if the cheater left them before they cheated would we blame the 'neglecter'? I'm not saying cheating was right, I'm just saying the fact someone exits badly doesn't magically mean they caused the divorce.

    I don't personally see as many around money. Generally speaking, more money, fewer divorces, because there's more financial incentive for both parties to stay together.

  • It could be millions of factors in lots of different combinations. Money and sex are the main two. I think many people fluff up themselves and their partners and do not truly know who they are until they live with each other. Also boredom is a big factor in my opinion.

  • People get divorced because divorce is available in their country.


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  • most people get divorced because they where with the wrong person to start with . a lot of people get married for A LOT of the wrong reasons such as ( got married because they was prego) or got married way to soon before they really new each other , people who get married within the first year of dateing I think that is way to soon ... within the first year your still in the sex and fun mode of the relationship and people think they are in love when really there not . I have been married twice . the first time for 2 years and for all the wrong reasons . the 2nd time ( now) was with a guy who I have dated on and off for 11 years he truly is my best friend we got married two years ago and I am very happy . I hated that it took us 11 years to get married but we have been through so much together already before we even got married and we over came it all . there is no such thing as a perfect marriage . sometimes you get your feelings hurt , sometimes people even cheat . its not about being perfect but loving each other enough to work it out no matter what happens . Love respect , comunication , great sex life and a great friendship from the start helps make a good base for a marriage .


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