Is he cheating or what?

My boyfriend and I are at the 5 month mark, and he is growing closer with this one girl I know. She likes to game with him and they are in the same homeroom and have a few classes together. They also text almost more than me and him do, and on top of all that they hang out at his place after school for hours on end with no one else in the house. The past few weeks he's been distant and short tempered with me. He even told her about a pregnancy scare we had after we promised each other not to tell anyone until we knew for sure.

I feel like he's hiding something but he won't talk to me

Is he cheating?


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  • cheating? Don't know, There is no way of telling what he is doing behind closed doors. However he is definitely overstepping a boundary in my opinion. So you should bring it up to him. If he starts on the bullsh*t with we are just friends blah blah don't tell me what to do (basically if he gets all defensive, get rid of him. If I was dating a girl, who I really like/loved and she told me I should stop doing something because it bothered her I would... no questions asked... within reason.. your situation is within reason


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  • It seems like he's really cheating when they go spend time in his house.

    Though you just need to trust him.


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  • Possible...the 6-12 month mark is when most couples break could just be that he's not infatuated anymore and can't handle the disillusionment stage.


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