Should I text him? Or is he NOT interested?

I've been having a fling/hookingup for the past 2 months with this guy from the same residence...he's a nice guy and everything. There's a lot to say but I won't type it all lol...he came to visit me one night when I was upset, he touched my arms and hair and has kissed me on the forehead a few times. One time his friend wanted to hook up with me and he did everything to cockblock him so he can have me lol.

Anyways, I told him when I was moving out, and I told him I'm only 30 min away from the city and he told me that he's staying in the city for the summer. I was moving out before he did because he still had exams. He didn't tell me he was planning to see me before I go. The morning of my move out I woke up to a text from him saying that he may not be able to see me before I go, but to have a really great summer. I told him it was okay and said the same to him, then he replied "thanks".

He could have totally ignored me or made the effort to visit me before I left.. should I text him to hang out or is he clearly not interested?


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  • He's really interested in you, though the fact that you're moving out while he's having his exams is a hard decision for him to meet up with you.

    You should really text him up.


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