Boyfriend's ex problems.

hey - problem ?

i'm in a relationship and last night my boyfriend told me that his ex whom he had been with for a while recently 1-2 years ago had a baby girl by someone else and named her child after my boyfriend . first and last name ! and all his friends are saying that he should claim the baby .my boyfriend isn't dating his friends he's dating me . woah ! no one is going to break up my happy home . the baby is innocent and didn't ask to be here . i believe the ex isn't over my boyfriend . my boyfriend told me he'd talk to his ex . i mean you can name your child what you want . she comes out of no where and knows he's moved on . but why is she contacting my man ! i mean c'mon the ex even already purchased father day cards . he is not the father , she wants him to be . i know there's not much i can do because that's not my ex - between he and the ex . i feel slightly disrespected . my boyfriend says he has zero feelings for her . this has nothing to do with me in a way but if someone were to do that to her she'd know how it feels . so , i'm giving my boyfriend a week to resolve this or my boyfriend , the ex and myself are going to talk and fix this . i love my guy and all but i won't b played for a fool or disrespected !

what should i do ?

- thanks :)


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  • Don't worry yourself about it.

    He really doesn't care about her anymore.


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