Confused on what he is thinking or wanting! Please read and help!

I'm 22 and he is 25. We have known each other for 5-6 years. We have never been in a relationship with each other but have been friends with benefits. We haven't had sex in over 6 months. We talked on the phone or texted everyday through February, we talked or texted maybe 3 times a week. Throughout April we have talked very little. one maybe 2 times per week. The other night he asked me to go to the store with him, and I said I would. He picked me up from my house. I live about 10 minutes from the store. On the way to the store all we did was talk. On the way back to my house he reached over and pulled me close to him and wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder, til we got back to my house. We set in the car for a few minutes talking before he had to leave to get home. In the car he proceeded to kiss & hug me, then we started talking again. While we were talking he grabbed my boob, and we just kept on talking! A minute or so later he put his hand on my thigh. He left his hand there for a few minutes. When I was getting ready to get out of the car I reached over and gave him a hug and he softly kissed my neck a few times, and even sucked on my neck and eventually moved up to my ear. When he was done he says to me there is something for you to think about! I like him and he says he likes me. I'm really confused because it goes from what happened tonight to not seeing each other for a month or so, or it will go from talking all the time to barely talking at all. I am really confused on what he wants. Can anyone tell me what he could be thinking/feeling? Does he want a relationship, just friends with benefits again or what? I would like us to be together! We have talked about a relationship a few months ago but wanted to take things slow and see how things went. He has recently moved about 2-3 hours away due to his job so that makes things harder. All help is appreciated!


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  • I've been there before, but never did figure the guy out. After some years I just grew frustrated and could care less now. I don't think you'll ever get a relationship out of him...rarely do friends with benefits ever turn into relationships! I think guys consider those women as second choices or options. Considering how physical he was with you, I think yes, he just wanted some momentary action. If he really wanted a relationship with you he'd show more respect! He'd talk as friends consistantly, then sit down with you and tell you what he wants before pushing that other stuff. And he's still young! Guys that age are focused on their goals ...he won't start a relationship with someone 3hrs away. Just my personal opinions


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