Boyfriend picks up girl. Is this a problem?

My boyfriend of two years has started studying with this girl for 6 months now. They always get together to study before every exam. He is pretty flirty and so is she so we have had some problems in that area. Yesterday, however, he went to pick her up and took her back to her house after studying in the library. Apparently it was because she didn't have a way of getting to school and so offered to take her. He did not tell me anything until today when I confronted him because I knew he was lying. He told me he had not said anything because he knew I would get mad. Is this a problem? I am starting to get really frustrated with his relationship with this girl.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


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  • They'd be no red flag for me, until he lied. Lying is unacceptable and you need to let him know how you feel! He's given you a reason not to trust him now, so tell him!


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  • this was an episode of 90210 and I would be both anxious and upset if I were you. you should be firm when you tell him how you feel.


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