Does she miss me (again) ?

We were together almost 3 years and she was the one who pursued me, for almost one year (incredible). Well she dumped me 3months ago and wanted "space". I became too possessive and needy. And I say, I am not sure if I want her back, I think NO. But I'm interested to know if she misses me again and wants me back? Because she has a new boyfriend now (totally different than me) but she keeps contacting and calling me. She is the one to initiate contact, not me. Usually I don't even respond. Well we have been talking few times and she is always so happy to talk with me and says there are no one who could replace me and we have an unique connection and we are very similar persons. And yes it is true. She likes to talk very long, over one hour, and no, she doesn't talk about any problems she has, she laughs and recalls our good times, like cherishes the love and times we had. And encourages me. Sometimes she mentions that her new relationship is progressing too fast and she doesn't know can she love any other person so much than me. Obviously she hides our communication from her new boyfriend. She also asks about my dating status. Does she miss me and has he realized my value again? and does she want me back?

And I say this once, I'm not pursuing her any more, she is the one who keep communication almost daily. I receive her calls out of the blue without any apparent reason. She just enjoys talking with me.

I am willing to move on and I am, I'm just curious if she regrets breaking up with me now? I am her back up plan still?
She tried to call me yesterday but I didn't pick up.. she sent sms "i just tried to call and I will try again tomorrow".. well she called and I didn't pick up again. Then she sent sms "now we are going to sleep so good night".

Obviously not over me?


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  • She doesn't want you back. She just enjoy your company.


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