My family kinda help ruin my relationship

My uncle is obsessed with me pretty much. He texts me constantly. I can go three months without contacting him and he will text me really random and stupid things that don't make sense.

He writes my girlfriends or girls thAt are interested me. Its annoying. My last real relationship was last summer and he added a girl that I just started dating and when we got into a fight, he messaged her on Facebook trying to help resolve the problem. I didn't even know this until after the break up when we discussed it.

I apologized to her and then asked him why he did that and he said she was lying.

Then when he came up to Alaska to visit, he used my laptop and left his Facebook signed in and he did write her.

Then during when the relationship my girl said the only way to contact her is through Facebook for a week because her phone broke.

My mom thought she was playing games and convinced me to tell her that I am deactivating Facebook so I can focus on my certification test for medical assisting. That just made things worse. She started acting strange and making excuses not to see me.

So my mom convinced me to delete her off Facebook and that just made things baaaaad.

Its so annoying!

I blocked my uncle Nd he somehow found out too! I'm doing what I can to be independent. I can't let the next relationship get ruined. I can't explain to my ex that my mom told me to deactivate Facebook and delete her. That would make me look pathetic and make her hate my mom. I don't want that cause she really liked my mom.


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  • You didn't really ask a question . . . Sounds to me like you are influenced too much by your family and you need to do what you think is right, not take your mother's suggestions. Plus, how did your uncle know you two were fighting? Did you tell him? If so, why? Did she tell him? If so, WHY? People are only privvy to what you let them be privvy to in your life.

    • She posted as her status update, "I hate this passive aggressive bullsh*t" but deleted it right away. but he still saw.

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  • You should move out.

    • Haha I'm trying. I'm saving up

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