Girls, help! Is she confused about her feelings?

I dated this girl for a little over a month a while ago. We're both in our mid 20s. We got along really well back then and she was quite affectionate (holding hands, linking arms, putting her head on my shoulder, etc.) She has even told her friends/family about me. At one point, we had a falling out when we stopped dating. This happened because we kissed and she said she felt "no spark". She also told me that the last serious relationship she has had was years ago and that it had ended really badly. (the guy she was with cheated on her) Therefore, I backed off and cut down on communication with her. Some time goes by and we go back to talking again. This time, we are closer than we were before. She even states that she has thought about me sleeping over at times and I actually went over her place a week or two ago. We cuddled and held hands. At one point, she was touching my stomach, caressing my chest and face. Nothing happened. When I dropped her off for work later on she said how happy she was to meet me. Since then she has brought up sleeping over on more than one occasion over at my place. It hasn't happened yet. At one point, she states that she would like to meet my father first and be introduced intentionally rather than on a whim. If she only thought of us as "just friends" (as she has said before) then why would she care about what my dad thinks and want to sleep over badly? Last week, we went out to dinner and we were walking together with our arms locked. Later on, she had her head on my shoulder on the way back home. Last night, we went out again for dinner. When I took her back home, we were holding hands for a while during the car ride. When we got to her place we ended up making out in my car for a long time (first in her seat, then she sat on my lap in my seat). It even seemed like she wanted to go further but held back. afterward, she tells me that she still didn't feel anything even though she wanted to kiss me (no spark). We talk some more and I walk her upstairs. We talk for a quick sec and then we kiss good bye. She told me to give her some space. She wants to talk to her friend about us...does it sound like she has feelings for me AT ALL? I swear she does but I don't understand why she won't give us another chance. Thoughts? I'll be honest and admit I do really like her and care about her a lot.


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  • she sounds confusing on and off,Its up to you if you want to see how this plays out,she may come around or flake on you at some point,good luck with that


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