He went back to his ex.....

We were together 2 years, and durning that time I found out he was talking to his ex girlfriend, who cheated on him and left him. Well we were getting ready to live together and get married, but he dumped me over something silly and 2 days later is at his ex's house. I'm in so much pain right now...any advice? Thank you!


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  • Just forget him, and find a new guy. He's really not worth for you.


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  • What a rat bag thing to do! The only things I can say is I would love to be able to take away everyone elses pain in life but I can't. It will take time! In the meantime you need to try and keep yourself as busy as you possible can! Distraction always plays a massive role in the healing process. Try new hobbies, places, people etc. Avoid places he goes and try not to get vengeful this will only hold you back from moving on. The chances are if she cheated him before she will again just make sure it's not you picking up the pieces. Be selfish now and put you first! It may not seem like it now but you are better off without him!


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