Getting back in touch with OLD friends?

Hi guys!

So I used to have these 3 really close girl friends back in the place where I used to live. We were so close and we really did everything together.

But since I moved here (about 19 miles/30 km) we've lost the contact.

It's been around 3 years since I talked to them I think, but I follow all of them on Instagram. I've started to miss them quite a lot and I want to get in touch with them.

But how do I do it? To be honest, I can't say I KNOW them anymore, and that's the biggest problem.

I don't want to be that awkward person who thinks that nothing has changed the past three years and that we're still "BFF's".


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  • Do you have them on Facebook or another social netwerk site? Or their e-mailaddresses? If so, just send them a message, asking how they have been, what they're up to lately.

    Just a nice message, it's always nice to hear from old friends so I'm sure they'd like it!


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  • The simple trick... just tell them that you would enjoy getting back in touch. And see if they feel the same.
    Usually, among former good friends, that's a yes :-)

  • Just send them a message on Facebook.


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