I am very oblivious, do you think he likes me

I'm a 17 year old girl.

Let me say, we were school friends last year, back then I thought he had liked me but I was also fat and I don't think he found me attractive but we texted until midsummer then stopped. Well I lost weight and he found me on Facebook in October and we started talking (we are sarcastic jokesters, that's all we do) I lost weight, and am now very thin (for myself). He asked me to hang out at a school event, and he was really surprised to see me in person (he only saw my change through pictures)

We hung out and had fun joking like old times. He was the only guy friend who didn't compliment me, (I guess cause he figured I knew it already) and at as we departed he hugged me tight around the waist and both of us wanted to hang out again.

He texted me the next day, and has been texting me ever since. He invited me to hang out so we did, and he acted really gentlemanly offering to buy my drink, holding doors, cut me some flowers ( I think) and upon departing hugged me around the waist again for a bit longer and tighter.

I invited him the following weekend to hang with me he said ya definitely. And while he was with me, he complimented my family, and pets (I was kinda insecure cause we look like poorpers but aren't) and he loved my dogs and cats. Called them cute. He was really polite. He caught me twice when I fell over some briars haha, and he held me. We also almost held hands, he was helping me step across something and our arms entertwined and well I pulled away then he did. He helped me other stuff as well. He never acted weird or anything even if I was embarrassed.

We sat and watched movies afterward, and we were very close our bodies touched, I actually almost dozed off on his shoulder but withheld. He also likes to pay for things when he has money but I tell him not to if I have it. We also huddled together in a booth cause it cold and we sat close our bodies touching, and he wouldn't look at me.

I mentioned wanting to go to some event, and he asked me to go with him.

Also I mentioned my favorite animal, and now he brings it up a lot.

We text a lot and get along really well, he's understand all the humor I do, its like I met my twin almost.

He also tells me good night, and last night he said he was passing out

I texted "Good night ;P

and he said sweet dreams. I texted something back jokingly and he continued the conversation the next day haha.

I cannot tell if he likes me or not though, I am introverted, and socially awkward and never had a boyfriend. I know he is kinda shy, so am I. We are both sorta nerdy and stuff as well, and we get along great. We both laugh at our faults. Its just he doesn't flirt, compliment me or anything like that? He's not impulsive? I thought he wasn't touchy, but it seems the closer we get the more he is, like he's testing the water and making sure I won't reject him?

I don't know do you think he likes me? Or what? pLease help?


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  • well in my opinion I most certainly sure that he has something for you girl! He doesn't have to compliment you to let you show that he's into you. there are far more stuff to do to show you that without compliments. like cutting you flowers...i mean that's something that shows you, that's not something a friend zoned would do. he wouldn't continue a last night conversation if he hadn't have something for you; he wouldn't hold your waist, he wouldn't hug you more tightly each time if he hadn't something for you. I find him falling for you in my own perspective! and p.s. good job with the losing weight thingy cause I'm trying to lose weight too and I'm 16 hopefully by 17 I'd lose a alot! good job and I hope things would work out with you both!


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  • He really is interested in you.


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  • i think its shallow of him to like you now that you lost the weight..what if you ever regained the weight? he sounds selfish actually...think about it

    • I don't really think so, its more of a what we're attracted to thing. He's not a sex player or anything like that but if I was right and he did like me sorta last year he might not have been physically attracted, but he was never rude. He was nice back in school and our personalities clicked, but now I can do things with him withut the physical strain of being overweight. I would think its sorta like we find what is healthy is attractive? He isn't into every hot chick around.

    • ok in that case just enjoy it and take it slow..time will tell

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