How long should it take to take steps toward married moving in together and kids

how long should you be with a person before you should say you love each other but how long should you wait for the guy to propose before you call it quits and move on to someone who is ready to settle down


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  • Everyone has their own timeline. It really depends on you personally and how long you are willing to wait.

    Saying I love you is big for some people. I would say at least 6 months into the relationship before I would start expecting it, and even then, I would be generous. I would say at the most, a year would be enough time for a guy to know.

    Now, how long you date a guy before getting fed up waiting for a proposal is another thing. You have to create your own timeline. I know people who have been together 10 plus years and are not married yet, but they live together and have kids.

    You really have to see how the relationship is progressing (and if it is progressing). You want a relationship that progresses, not one that stays stagnant.

    I would say you shouldn't expect a guy to even think about marriage until at least a year or two into the relationship. But you should start talking to him about what he wants for the future so that you at least know.

    I think after a year or so you should create a timeline. Think about what you are comfortable with. How long are you willing to wait? Because I agree, you shouldn't wait forever. Setting a timeline helps you, because if a guy has no intention of being with you long-term, you have a right to know that.

    Unfortunately there are people who will date you and lead you on. So you do have to be careful. That's why I think it's important to create a timeline.

    There is no set period of time for a proposal. I would say 2 or more years is typical. But don't hold your breath. Because every relationship is different, and you have to make sure the guy wants to be with you like that. If a person isn't ready, there is no way to convince them otherwise to marry you.


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