Guy makes things ambiguous to his ex?

I have been dating this guy for almost half an year and I know him and his ex are still really close (they have been together for a VERY long time). we are currently living together but when his ex asks about us he never tells her the truth (his ex thought that he is living with other people), and he never admits to his ex how close we are. is he trying to get back with her? or that's just how guys generally are?
She does know he is dating someone. The reason I said they're still close is that they still talk and occasionally they will hangout as well. I'm worry because he did admit that sometime he does thought about getting back with her. But he doesn't like to tell me anything about his ex not does he mention me to his ex. Whenever we ask he just gives us vague answer. His mentality is just confusing the heck out of me.
Their relationship was getting pretty serious and that's one of the reason why they broke up. I did questioned him about his feelings for her but he "claims" that he himself is confused too. He is not sure if he's just used to her or is still into her. He knows I'm anxious about him and his ex but he thought its not a big deal since they only talk once in a while.


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  • Why should he tell his ex details of his current relationship? Do you tell your ex details about your current relationship? The girl is an ex. She's not his woman anymore and isn't privy to to the details of his life. We tell our friends who we are dating, not girls that didn't work out.

    • Apparently him and the ex are still really 'close', so as a 'close' friend, you would think she'd be privvy to him having a live in GF. . . shady

    • Not really... It's none of her business who he dating. They're obviously not "close" if he won't tell her that stuff... Use your brain.

    • Hmmm... Yeah it's kind of weird. On the surface it would seem like he's still emotionally into her and wants to get back into her life or he didn't want to hurt her feelings and move on from her quickly. If it weren't for him dating you for a year and living with you I'd think rebound from what you are saying. Was she a serious girlfriend, or more of a f*** buddy?

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  • He's not over his ex... Sorry to say this but its pretty obvious from his behavior . Plus his admission. They were together for a very long time and still keep in touch and hangout... Honey, be prepared to pack your things, some tissue paper or look for a friend to cry on and find a place of your own. It will be hard at first but you can get over him and rise above this situation eventually and meet someone who's not hung over his ex. I wish you the best...

  • If they're still 'really close', then shouldn't she be aware of the fact that he has a live in GF? I would not tolerate this behavior. It's either you or her. Sounds like in this situation he's clinging to her for whatever reason and I doubt it's to be her friend.

  • Interesting... I was with my ex for a very long time and we broke up for almost a year now. I heard he has a new girlfriend (in fact my friend saw them together holding hands). When I jokingly asked him if he has a new girlfriend without bringing up what my friend saw, he only said he will inform me if he has one without actually answering a simple yes or no. I honestly am happy if he has someone new and would be totally OK with it. I just asked him about it because we promised we'd tell each other if we've met someone new. I have moved on from him eventhough I am still single after our breakup. The next day after asking him about this, he texted me and seemed defensive and next thing I know we got into a fight (after I told him I went on a holiday with a guy friend) and he admitted he had honestly been looking forward to a second chance for us. You might be wondering why am I telling you this. I think your boyfriend still have feelings for his ex and keeping you and your living arrangements a secret means he hasn't quite moved on. Either that or his ex is unable to handle knowing he's moved on so he's trying not to hurt her further - in my case, it's like that. I only told him about my holiday because I thought he's over me already. Anyway, just my opinion though. Hope I am wrong.


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