She pretty much said goodbye I think

Here's exactly what she said.

I want you to know that I've been entirely sincere in everything I said, did and shared with you.

I now see that the intensity of your feelings for me was probably much stronger than what I thought, and it was clearly going too quick for me.

I did like you, I appreciated the time spent with you, and I wish it would have continued to go that well and pleasant.

But seeing that darker side of your personality, very jealous, possessive, intrusive and insistent, was really hard and sad for me. Those are not things to which I can let any space in my life.

So I hope I still leave you some good feelings and memories, and that the best will happen for you in your life. I still feel greatful for the support, love and company you offered me. With much care and my kindess thoughts.

Is there any possibility of getting her back in the future? I talked to the other guy about a week before she sent this and didn't talk to her for the entire week after he told me that they had feelings for each other. I talked to him because it seemed like they were spending more time together and I think I caught her having cam sex with him and confronted her about it. I said lot of things I regret but I really felt she was messing with me and saying she liked me. I just felt she was lying and stringing me along the entire time after they started talking. She knew him first but I never knew their relationship. When she talked to me again she said something that caused me to ask her if she didn't want me in her life at all anymore and she said something like, "It makes me very sad, but I think it's best." I said a few things after that. Is there any possibility to get her back? I've never really cared about someone this much... We didn't have a chance to date because of our distance and I would rather not go into every single detail. The other guy has never dated her either if that makes a difference. He also has a distance issue with her.
We had planned to meet before all of this.


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  • She is easing her guilt for her betrayel by making it out to be your fault. Take the words as sincere. Always look at things with a grain of salt if you show any of these tendencies and she was cheating you had a right to feel that way.

    She isn't worth your time. You deserve better then that.


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  • Yes, she was trying to be kind and let you go gently, chances are she is unlikely to come to you.

    Let go and find someone else. There is a lovely girl out there waiting to meet and fall in love with you.


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