Guy has a crush but not making moves?

This guy I work with has a big crush on me.

I overhear him speaking about me to his friends (male & female) but he can hardly say a word to me on a personal level outside of work related business.

He goes out of his way to say hi & bye to me even if I don't stay to work all day & goes WAY out of his way to do some of my work for me. He made a move weeks ago when he was playfully trying to grab my hand and I kept moving it asking him "what?" with a smile and he was just smiling & walked away.

After that he just blushes when he sees me & gets really happy but hasn't asked me for my number or ANYTHING. I even told him I was moving to a new section of the building where I don't see him and he still didn't make a move

Even today he said bye with a smile to me but nothing.

Why hasn't he asked for my number? It's been a month?


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  • his shy and doesn't want to make a fool out of himself, and you are no help at all... if you like him try starting more small conversations with him, flirt more:) he will come around eventually...


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  • Don't be afraid to ask him out. Speaking as a guys it can sometimes be hard to tell if a girl likes you (even if she thinks that she's being obvious, we can be pretty blind about these things) so try losing the subtlety and just ask him out.


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