Has anyone ever put their all into their ex boyfriend/girlfriend?

has anyone ever put their all into their ex boyfriend and finally got them back because they was really worth trying for? I been with him for so many years and it would be a shame to walk away like it was nothing


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  • No I havent. When its over, its over and its time for me to move on

  • No, but I have given my ex a second and third chance and obviously it didn't work those times either. Usually, people break up for a good reason: because it's just not working out. Sure on rare occasions after some time, distance, and learning people can get back together and be happier.

    When my (previous) boyfriend of three years and I broke up at first I thought of what a "waste" it would be to see those three years go down the dumps. But then I realized that it was actually those three years that were a waste. Wasted time with a man who was not truly right for me. Breaking up gave me a chance to find someone else who was WORTH spending my time with. Don't think of what you've lost, think of what you stand to gain.


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