She likes me but she has not moved on from her ex

I met this girl at work (F&B), and in the past 2 weeks we got really close (in fact I think we moved a little fast)

It's already been established that we have mutual attraction for each other, so there's no more guessing between us.

However, she told me that she's still getting over her ex and she has no idea how long it's gonna take. She wants to stay as friends for now and she has no idea how long it will take her to get over him.

She said that she got really confused by me when I came into her life because she feel like she can be herself when she's with me, our conversations always makes her happy and I just make her feel so comfortable. She's just afraid of this being just a rebound relationship for her.

She really wants us to stay as friends for now and she has no guarantee for us.

I told her that I am able to stay with her as friends but at the same time I can't be just waiting around for something that may or may not happen for us.

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here.


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  • You should distance yourself from her until she gets over her ex.

    Let her work her way towards you.

    • It's not that I disagree, but my female friends have told me that it may make me seem like I gave up too easily, and that's a turn-off to girls too.

      What they said was to not give her too much space either.

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