Meet my ex tomorrow or tonight?

She broke up with me a week ago because I had been too down and needy since losing my job. We had talked about getting married before this and were very much in love, but I took it too far. She told me she loved me even when as she broke up with me.

I have not contacted her at all this week. She has emailed my roommate asking how I am doing but no contact. I had an epiphany the other day that this was all my fault. I've been running and working out every day as well as journaling. I know I wasn't there for her and stopped acting like the man she fell in love with.

I wanted to share this with her after giving and getting some space. I texted her, "Hey, let's talk tonight. Are you free sometime after work?" She wrote back, "Hi. I've been unsure if I should reach out or just give you space. I am a lot more available tomorrow. Would that be okay?"

Twenty minutes go by and I didn't respond because I was thinking about it, then she writes, "If today is better, that's OK. I will be around in a couple of hours."

I should mention that in the past week she has not changed her relationship status with me on Facebook.

Should I talk to her tonight? Or was she hinting that she'd rather hang out on a Friday night? Not sure which way to go here.


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  • Tomorrow will be a good day.


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