What would you do with a guy who is playing hard to get?

i like a guy who is sending me mixed message all the times, he is on and off ,but he never didn`t make a real move.,

I tried all the way ,i could do to get to know him more but he really didn`t move a bit ,he seems enjoying himself and wants me to run after him but the point is he was the one who first noticed me and gave me some signals not me

please don`t tell me i`m making story in my mind i`m old enough and I saw guys like him before and I know what's in their mind ,but about this guy I like him more ,i know it`s crazy ,but anybody can help me here ,please

do you think ignoring him can make him a move or he won`t do anything anyway?


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  • if you ignore him since you chase him, he will 1) move on and forget about you because he never really cared, or 2) miss you because he feels something missing, i.e. not seeing your texts. he will then initiate a convo. I do this all the time whenever I feel like I'm doing too much work. You always get an answer! Good luck :)


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  • If you really like him, and you think he likes you back, I think you have to make a stand. Don't rely on him to make the move.

    Clearly ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. Make a plan and a date, and ask him if he's interested. See how he responds. If he doesn't want to go and makes a really bad excuse, then most likely he's not interested. or not ready for a relationship.

  • Leave. Completely. For good.

    Playing games ultimately results in heartbreak.



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