What the hell is wrong with me?

So I've recently been cheated on I'm over the predicament but it had left a few scars, while I was dating this guy we were long distance but we've been knowing each other since grade school, he eventually told me that he cheated on me with his neighbor a very petite blond girl named destiny and we broke up, since the break up I've been really insecure, because maybe that's why he cheated is because he didn't find me attractive anymore, I hardly wear shorts my arms and stomach are always covered and I don't wear flip flops anymore, am I crazy for feeling this way, should it be so hard to get over what he did?
  • No, you aren't crazy, he was an a**hole , it takes tome to get over it
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  • Yeah, you should probably work on your appearance or look for the real reason he cheated
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  • You should just try to forget about the whole situation.
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  • It's a massive blow to your self esteem to be cheated on, I can relate from personal experience.

    You feel disgusting, DIRTY. Worthless, used. It's perfectly normal to feel this way. As we speak, I'm still going through the pain...but we gotta work through it, it makes us stronger, more aware.

    My pain is also very recent and fresh, but I'm going to work through it and not look back :)

    Good luck! :)


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What Guys Said 5

  • It's normal to feel a bit insecure after being cheated on, it makes you think maybe you weren't good enough. It's what I thought when I was cheated on, but that's all BS. You aren't at fault for someone else's actions, they are. It's nothing you need to let get to your head, just gotta get over it and find that one person who is right for you. By the way your looks have nothing to do with it, you're very attractive.

  • He's a d*** and you did nothing wrong. He's pathetic. And there's nothing wrong with covering up (especially since it was, you know, just winter in the northern hemisphere) if you want to. And it doesn't make a woman any less attractive because she covers up.

    F*** this guy. He's a douche and a dumbass and you're better off without him. Find someone who deserves someone like you who won't hurt you.

  • The downside of a cheating scenario is that we tend to blame ourselves. We feel as if we were only adequate enough for the other person, the cheating wouldn't have happened.

    The reality is that it's a flaw in them. They could not honor the trust you gave them. They are selfish and only thought about their needs over your feelings. When you begin to realize what the truly flawed person in the relationship is, can you start to see the reality of who they are and start to heal your esteem.

    It's tough, but you can do it.

  • You don't need to feel that way just feel confident and show it off and I am sure someone will notice. You just have to take that step.

  • its normal to feel deflated after a breakup like that, but believe me you are not ugly


What Girls Said 1

  • i mean...you werent there so he got it somewhere else. not your fault. don't blame yourself until a guy whos close enough to have sex with you cheats. lol


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