Awkward Turtle or Uninterested guy?

So there's this guy I see everyday as we ride the same route of public transportation together. I initiated contact and started talking to him a week or so ago but it's always awkward. At first it was cute because when we'd run out of things to say we'd still kind of smile and look at each other but now it seems like I'm always the one keeping the conversation going so I kind of backed off and didn't talk to him when I saw him for a day or so and he actually initiated contact with me the next time (as in purposely walked over from where he always stands and came to sit next to me) and tried to talk to me. But it was still awkward, pretty much all he got out was what kind of music do you listen to before he fell silent again. I can tell he's pretty quiet and all and I guess he could be shy but I'm starting to feel like he's just not interested.

I asked him recently what he was doing this weekend and he said he wasn't sure. I then said we should hang out and he responded he really doesn't know what he's doing this weekend so it would depend on the time. I just dropped it at that point because he didn't really seem interested. After which he said sorry I know I'm sending mixed signals, to which responded he is and should come with a decoder and he laughed. He seems like a genuine guy albeit maybe someone who typically keeps to himself but I'm not great at this and was curious as to what other people think. I know that was long but thanks for reading, I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.

Am I wasting my time here?


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