Why do guys talk to you, then act cold and unapproachable, then talk again?

Right there was this guy that I met and we talked a few times, we joked around and I thought this guys okay. Anyway his friend saw us saying hi when we past, and started teasing him and I think he got embarrassed, so he stopped saying hi when he passed me. So I stopped cause I thought I was embarrassing him however even when we were sat studying in the same room and I said "hello" he said "hi"but really grumpy tone to his voice. So I ignored him all together, but after a couple of days he suddenly starts talking too me a lot again, and I'm like okay? But whatever. Our classes got swapped around so we had a class together and he must have looked like 20 times and I smiled at him and he did this funny face back. Anyway since then I have been busy studying we haven't seen each other around that much, he still stares at me which is so obvious like he won't say Hi until I do, instead he walks past looking at me. But he also started ignoring me again when we were studying nearby, I don't understand him.


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  • You already have the answer to your question. He's just embarrassed and shy.

    Also because of his shy nature, he wants you to approach.

    • Well he doesn't act shy like to other people he's confident and loud, and fair enough get shy but why does he have to sound like he's upset with me. Maybe its a defence to hide his nervousness anyway thanks for the help.

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