Why do guys say things they don't ever mean?

such as I don't wanna be your friend I don't wanna be anything to you...then later you back together...why do they make situations seem like they never getting back with you...but they not doing anything to make their words true to you? I kept tryin to get things back together normally that's what he said to me I'm use to him saying things he don't mean to me but he never do stuff to back up what he say for him to mean its true


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What Guys Said 1

  • it means that he isn't a man of his word which is a huge red flag. he's make empty promises to satisfy you for a moment but won't follow-up on it.

    • no you read it wrong he follows his promises it just that when he get mad he scream mean things but he never means it

    • well frankly it was terribly written I read it multiple times and I'm still not sure exactly what you mean.

      so he says mean things but doesn't mean it? well then he's just an a**hole

What Girls Said 1

  • So when he gets mad he says mean things? he is just letting his anger out, or he was putting up a front pretending to keep his promises.


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