Why is he doing this?

This guy and I went out a few times ( no relationship) it all went down hill when I got mad, cause he would blow me off all the time, never keep a date, and would never let me know just leave me hanging. We made up. Then the next day he stopped talking to me, ignoring me, and lying all the time. Turns our he was with a 19 year old at work ( where we both work) he is 23. I apparently don't know but I do. And I went back to the work the girlfriend is really nice, she helps me out and stuff and I am nice to her. Him however, he won't enter wherever I am, won't acknowledge my presence in a room, turns his back to me when he sees me coming. And everyone has welcomed me back, but him. He just acts like I'm not even there and ignores me. He treats me like garbage.

WHy is he doing this, we weren't even together, and I was never this mean to him. He can't even look me in the face and runs basically whenever he sees me coming.

Like he will send other people to where I am, in his place so he won't have to see me I'm guessing. Or be in the same room with me.


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  • Short answer: Weird.

    He's got problems.

    You shouldn't become angry with him.

    Treat him neutrally, or with disdain.


  • It seems that he doesn't want you to get the wrong message about I'm attracted to you.


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