My ex of 2 years left me for another guy and is always angry with me. Can I get her back?

Im in a very painful position right now. I've been reading articles on how to get your ex back and thinking about this no contact rule and everything but I can't seem to get an answer based on my situation. She hasn't actually told me about this new guy yet but a mutual friend (Anne) has been doing some recon for me and telling me everything. about halfway through our relationship, we were really happy together and then she asked me to move in with her so we could go to school together. I did. we adopted two puppies who we both love with all our hearts and had a little family and everything with our own beautiful apt with a great view. anyway, a few weeks ago she told me that John at work was spreading rumors that he slept with her and she told me she was really annoyed and upset about it. I offered to talk some sense into the guy but she said she didn't want any drama at work, which I understand. we had been rocky for a little while already but we lived together so there wasn't much we could do. a little while after, we got into a heated argument and she ended up kicking me out for a mistake that SHE made. I was then told by a mutual friend (Bob) that my ex told her that she slept with someone from work and had been going on dates while I had been at work when I lived there. after hearing this I had to be alone so I immediately left Bob and we didn't speak of anything else, I just got up and said I had to go. right after, I told my ex that I was having an emergency and needed her but the truth was I just wanted to talk to her, wondering if this was the same John she spoke of and wanting answers. I never got that opportunity. she always told me that I wasn't making her happy, and honestly I don't know why because I really was very nice to her and did everything that I could for her. Bob has not spoken to me ever since I called him back asking for the details that I never got because I just left. He says why do you want to know and hurt yourself more and won't even tell me anything now. Now I hear she is talking to someone and she thinks he's really sweet. I don't know if its the guy from work or if its someone else. but we have barely been broken up for a week and I really think she was already talking to this guy before we broke up. I really do want her back, at least I think I do.. but I also think that I should move on. I just don't know what to do right now and every moment is very hard. Now every time I contact her (and I only have because I miss my puppies so much and just want to see them, but at the same time I want to give her this space and establish no contact), I'm not rude or anything but she gets extremely annoyed and then just ends up getting angry at me for no reason! I feel like I've lost my little family of 4 and I do not know how to cope. Also, she has no idea that I'm finding out stuff about her and she still has yet to tell me anything about her new guy or any of the wrongs she was doing. What should I do? :-/


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  • Move on why would you want her back if she cheated on you wake up smell the roses find someone better


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  • Don't get back with her. She's already seeing someone, and you're not in her mind anymore.

    Find another girl instead.


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