What are some signs your ex has feelings for you/wants you back?

Recently my and ex and I have been talking more and more, hanging out etc. We dated for almost 2 years but split up about 6 months ago and have tried remaining friends since with moderate success. She's dated a couple guys within that time period wasn't happy in either relationship and has declared to remain single for a while. But lately she's been acting different. Sometimes she'll go days without texting, but then suddenly bombard me with texts. She'll punch me or wrestle with me. I've been working out for the past couple months trying to get more in shape and she'll ask to see my chest or feel my arms. The other night she had me pick her up a couple times. The next morning I stopped by to borrow something and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and cheerfully said "good morning!" But other things she does are confusing, like when we're just chilling watching a movie on a bed or couch I can sense that she's uncomfortable. I don't know I'm just confused about what she wants I guess. Can any ladies offer some perspective on this?


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  • An ex is an ex for reason. There was a reason you broke up in the first place and the reason is probably still there. She's most likely just lonely and appreciates having you around, because she knows you and doesn't feel the need to try and impress you. Good for you for trying to remain friends but I once heard a saying "you can never just be friends with someone you truly loved. You either never loved them or one of you is stll in love." Therefore it will probably never work.

    • or she's waiting for you to make a move on her

    • I think our right, the QA is readily available and she knows him. I wouldn't be surprised if she is still shopping for a new bf

    • There were reasons, and worst of all, I was the one who ended it. Ik that makes me the a**hole, but both of us grew and learned from it and from our time apart. But what we had was so genuine and natural that I don't see why we couldn't give it another shot. It's not like we hate each other or aren't attracted to each other more. To me, it feels like both of us are suppressing something idk

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  • It seems that she still want to be back with you. It's just that she's just busy in life.


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