What should I do? How can I move on?

So I've liked this girl for about 2 years now and a few months ago I asked her out and she said that she just wanted to be friends and now almost three months later I'm not over her and she hasn't talked to me in over a month it's killing me


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  • You need a good distraction. Take a holiday somewhere or get a hobbie or job that will get you socialising with other people. If you feel as though you can be friends then be her friend, but make moves on other girls .


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  • I understand how you feel. but holy crap this is not good for you. I've been hurt worst more than you do...please make your self busy have own life. I know easier said than done but you only hurting your self... think your self first and take some time off. move on.. acceptance is the key


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  • You should just move on from her. Forget about her.

    Find a new girl to ask out.


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