Are women better at having cheating affairs than men?

In other words if a woman cheats on her man, do you think most men are not smart enough to know about it and catch them in the act?

Of course either way you look at it, regardless cheating is still wrong.

I hope people give me decent answers like "not necessary" but instead it's both equal as to which gender is good at sensing an affair.


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  • They are on equal terms when it comes to that.


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  • I have heard this and it makes sense. Since women are apparently better at picking up on things then they are probably better at hiding things.

    From my own personal experience it seems true too.I was cheated on by my ex husband and I figured it out because of his behavior. I thought to myself how obvious he was being and how if I were to do it, I would hide it so much better. I left him and did not cheat because I wanted to take the high road but I could not believe how obvious it was and he thought he was being slick.

    • your man doesn't speak for every man in the world

    • I never said he did represent every man but from my understanding his behavior was very common for a cheater. And from my understanding most women are better at picking up on these things up so it makes sense that they would be better at hiding the subtleties.

  • No I think men can cheat just as good as women can.


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