The moment when you meet a married woman!

I meet someone at school, we are friends but lately we both been acting different like she keeps telling me that I look good, that when I'm going to take her to dinner. she used to sit next to me but one day another girl sat on her seat so she move to different seat, she wants me to move next to her. so things like that, and I do the same with her I often tell her how beautiful she looks that I will take her to dinner sometimes I do sit next to her on break time we like to listen to music together. She also used to answer her husband's phone calls no she stop doing it she just says to me well I'm with you at this time !

So I don't know what to do or what she thinks

(I did try my best to explain but is that I'm little confuse)
I need you opinions


Most Helpful Guy

  • It seems that she really is into you.


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  • Sounds like she could be an unfaithful person since she's married so better keep the distance.


What Guys Said 2

  • It seems that she's just being nice to you. Don't lead her on.

  • Just don't lead her on, and don't get involved with her. She's married and it sounds like she's the cheatin' type.


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