At what point after knowing someone, would you decide they are not interested (or taking too long) & move on?

How long after knowing someone, would you decide they are not interested (or taking too long) and move on?

If they did not tell you, or give clear sings of interest?


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  • It really depends on their behavior .

    If they aren't initiating anything - conversations, meeting up, etc - then I would move on.

    • without initiating anything yourself first before moving on?

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    • you've hung out a bit. not dated.

    • Hmm well I'd initiate a bit - ask if they want to grab a drink, come over for movies, something. If they reciprocate, awesome. If they don't seem to keen, I'd do my best to make it less awkward and move on myself.

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  • There is probably no set timeframe because every situation is different. It also depends on whether the 2 people had known each other for a while or just met. If we just met and we had talked or hung out, I would expect to know in a few weeks.

    • what if you had known them for a few years but had been out of distance for a year or two, and just got back to spending time together. still a few weeks?

      btw how do you expect to 'know'?

    • Within a few weeks, yes. Basically if it's a guy and he's not smiling at you, not making eye contact, not flirting a little, not giving you a gentle touch, know he's not interested.

    • Im not asking about a guy. I'm asking how you decide to move on, and what it is she does that you decide means she's into you.

      Are those the things you expect the person to do to let you know they are interested in you?

      isnt smiling ; eye contact; gentle touch; pretty typical behavior in general for friends of opposite sex?and flirting pretty basic human behavior though?

  • It would be if she stops flirting or she's not showing signs of interest.

    • what do you consider 'signs of interest'?

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