Why now? advice please guys

I was in a realtionship for a few months and can only describe it as a lesson. He was always txting other girls and seemed to crave attention. He had no male friends and said it was because he just don't get on with them. He was still in contact with his ex which he told me was a horrible person and made him the insecure person he is today. I trusted him and never questioned anything. He dumped me and done it throuh text when I was on a night out he doesn't drink either so he was always clear headed. I was hurt for 2 weeks because he liked to remind me that he's always been told how good looking he is which made him feel a lot better. He'd talk about how all these hot girls chat him up etc.. we would talk normal and this is the things he would say at the end of the convo. I stopped the contact and am just focusing on living life he sed he would also srop with contact. A few days larer I'm getring msgs him wishinhnme luck with my new job etc I'm not wb but why is he doing this? We need a 100% break up. We both know we could have never worked and he knows I don't want someone who needs female attention off others while in a relationship. Also I know he won't change. So why can't he be nice and leave me alone and let me be happy? Advice please


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  • All he has is female friends?

    Looks like that's where he's placing you.

    If that's where you don't want to belong then begin to ignore his texts, he will get the message.

    • Yeah that makes sence. I can't be placed there too much hurt was caused and feelings aren't gone. Thanks

  • It seems that he's just being friendly. Don't respond to his messages.


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