Girl best friend is jealous ? Feelings ?

I'm having a little hard time to figure out what is going on with my (girl) best friend.

It's a bit long to read.

I met a guy 2 weeks ago and we are together now, but my boyfriend is reaaaally overpossessive with me.

I spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning at my boyfriend's place and she accused me to let her down. She said that I didn't have the same attention for her than before, and that she felt sad and scared to lose me. I reassured her and told her that it won't happen but that I have to makes time for everyone, including my boyfriend.

At this point I just thought that she was jealous and wanted to have me for herself only, also she's insecure so she always think that people will turn their back to her. So for me she was scared of how my life was changing and that I didn't text her as often as before.

She seemed to doesn't accept that I wouldn't answer her even if I was with my boyfriend, and that... She didn't want to hear how I would spend my time with him.

I told her that I wasn't in love with him but that he was a nice guy and I wanted to try. And when she was angry/sad at me she throw that at me like... "Well, for someone who wasn't in love... You know what, forget it."

WELL. What I'm trying to say is that I always received mixed signals from her and I'm not sure if she could have feelings for me and refusing them.

I texted her today and she was (again) angry because I didn't want to write until 8 pm (we're writing a story together, playing two character that are in love). So then it started to get strange, and she said that when we'll go the theater she'll tickle me as a revenge, and that I shouldn't protest and act as a submissive. That she would be in a powerful position. That's her words. She also said that if I hadn't write my part before the night, she would have a plausible excuse to get to tickle me and that I shouldn't protest. Again her words.

Aaand then she texted "Omg I'm losing my mind' and we changed the subject.

I know that we are best friend and very close and that she might get possessive. But WTH was that part about tickling at the theater ? It seems like a flirt to me. And the way she wanted to put me in the submissive place reminded me of our character in the story we're writing together, where her character is the rather dominant one. And she always pressure me to write more often. And she is really.. Well, attached to this story.

And also she claims that she doesn't want a boyfriend - she had a bad experience and she doesn't like kissing, cuddling and else.

SO. I JUST don't KNOW.

I'm lost.

Maybe I over think everything.

What's your opinion ?
Okay now she texted again and said that she would rub herself against my legs and purring if it would make me write quicker. Purring is a thing her character do a lot. My character like it. I also told her that I find that cute when she does it irl. And she's... Well, it's not like her to text things like that. It sounds like she's drunk but I know for sure she's not.
Any other opinions ? =)


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  • Hm, I get the fact that she might be scared to lose you over your boyfriend, I'm in the same situation. But the tickling is something I would text to a crush. Same with the purring (not that I would text something like that, but it seems more something you would text to a crush). Even if she's drunk, it would seem a bit weird to me to get a text like that. Maybe she's so caught up in her story..?

    To be honest, if I were you, the thought would come up that she's flirting, if a guy would send me stuff like that, I'd think he's flirting. But having a best friend sending me things like this... Maybe just that she wants to stay close with you, as friends, and tries to push it a bit by reminding you of how silly you both can be.

    To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue and post it on GAG :')

    Sorry I couldn't help you but this was just my train of thoughts.

    • Ahah thanks XD At least I can see I'm not the only one to think this way. It's exactly that : it sounds like something you text to a crush. But I know that she doesn't like intimacy, we don't even hug each other ! It's just weird coming from her. But yes maybe it's her way to stay close with me ?

      Also she's like reaaaaally into this story. I think that could be the most important thing in her life now. Probably because she has difficulties with her life so that's her escape...

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    • Okay. Thanks for your advice =) I'll stick to that for now !

    • Sorry I couldn't really help you... But good luck anyway!

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