Do I contact him letting him know how bad he hurt me? or just do as him and say nothing?

I am going to try to make this as short as possible by giving enough info but it's a long story. any advice is welcomed.

refrain from judgement and ill comments please.

My fiance and I got into an argument one day. very stupid argument and when I went to make food in the kitchen he came in kissed my forehead and continued to go up and down the stairs. doing what?

I didn't bother to see. when I got done and brung his plate upstairs he was gone! clothes everything. I also was pregnant at the time and wasn't very happy about it because I did not want more kids. any way, he was gone, I was like WOW!

he called me two days later as if nothing had happened and said hey babe just wanted to let you know I arrived in n.y safely. I'm like wtf! new York!

That's where he lived previous from moving here to the state where I currently live by the way. my point is he just up and left and got on a plane and went back without saying a word to me then just called two days later as if it was OK to do that..

I was hurt, crying for two days thinking he walked out on me and he acts as if he went on a vacation to visit his kids like he told me that.. but he didn't! he's wondering why I'm so upset and why am I over reacting, I'm like how can any one in they right mind think that this is ok..

why did he pack all his clothes then just to visit for two weeks as he stated?

why did he not tell me? the list goes on anyway. he even left money on the table for me as if idk..anyway that was in 2012 the end of July coming into August.,.i was very confused and lost nothing made sense. he was like he'll be home in a few weeks, I was like oh no you won't be.that he needs to start telling me the truth and stop playing games with me because his actions seem very suspect.

i said if you were planning to leave me and not come back just tell me.. he still says that's not what he was doing etc.. I just did not feel like a person does this to another person, I needed time to think about who was this person I was about to marry and be with for the rest of my life before I said iok come back, I have other kids, I just had to really think..i wondered was he thinking about going back to his other baby mother etc..

he said of course not. this is like August now and he's trying to work and get money up before he come back but still I could not shake the feeling something isn't right. so I told him I still need more time to think, he's telling me how much he in love with me etc.. pouring it on hard, crying etc.. this is getting long let me shorten this. long story short, he still in n.,y he was suppose to come back this month when our daughter was born, and he been great this whole time sending money for holidays etc, calling, texting , gifts the works..til I get a email from his son's mother telling me they been sleeping together since September of 2012 and moved in together in December and she broke up with him in feb. 2013 and I was like WTF..

but yet this the same girl who was c


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  • When people who are in a relationship, feel as if they are "not" complete, then they will go out and leave to become a whole again. Do you know the difference between "following your ideas and thoughts", and "following your heart"? Ideas and thoughts are influenced by the world and society because we human beings are always in the process of comparison. Following what your heart wants is what your spirit and whole being WANTS TO DO in life.

    For example: Thoughts and ideas of going to college, get a degree, find a job, settle down, ect...; Your dream and feelings of becoming a craftsman, because your heart wants and desire to craft things.

    What I'm saying is in your Fiance's case, he is following his heart. There is something that he NEEDS to do, to be able to be complete again. Whatever it is, he is not letting you down and go because he is still supporting you right? When he feels full and complete, he will come back.

    As far as getting emails from his ex, don't buy into that. Don't believe everything you see until you confirm the facts. If everybody decided to make a decision based on one email message, then it will be SO EASY for "homewreckers" to break relationships.


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  • Just one more reason I'm never getting married or having kids.

  • You should first tell him how bad he hurt you so that he will take care of you better, and will not ever go out of the relationship.


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