In love with a girl from overseas

So I met this amazing local girl in a trip over seas. We clicked right away and went on 3 different dates while I was there. She never said no when I asked her out and was always eager to meet up with me. We spent some nights together and it was fantastic.

I have now returned home and have kept in touch with her, but have noticed that the spark is slowly going away. It is really sad because I feel this is the girl I want to be with.

I have told her that I would come back to see her, and I got my plane tickets to be there in 2 weeks.

I feel like I may just be doing more harm to the both of us in going back. How realistic is it to make a relationship like this work out. I' don't remember feeling like this for anyone to the point that I already want to marry her. Is this a recipe for disaster?


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  • A lot of people will tell you long distance never works...but that's not true. If two people really love each other and are willing to make it work than it can create a very strong relationship. I would go see her and if those feelings are still there for BOTH of you and that you are one the same page...than maybe sit down and discuss if one of you is ever willing to move eventually. Bc if neither is willing to, then I believe, the relationship has zero chances of working. Being apart will not be easy but if you are saying you have never felt like this for a women before than I really think you should go for it. LOVE is not easy anyways and I feel like a lot people think it is and that is why a lot of relationships fail...people think everything is just a big fairy tale and will fall into place...but honestly I believe its all about communication, friendship, freedom, honesty, trust and understanding. Go with your heart! Hope it all works out for you hun!

    • Thanks for the best answer...I hope you figured out what to do and I wish you the best!

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  • The recipe is definitely not set up for disaster..I'm in a similar situation nd I wish the guy would try nd flight out to where I'm at, you don't lose anything with pursuing something you are interested in. I think you'd hurt yourself more if you'd stay pondering with what ifs... I hope this helps nd good luck!


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  • It won't work out since you're already in a long distance relationship.


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