Are some love stories meant to be?

Do you guys really believe in letting go of someone, and if they truly love, they will be back?

My ex and I were friends. I only thought of him as a friend. But he told me he had a huge crush on me, and I should give him a chance. We dated for a year, but then he broke it off saying this was his first serious relationship ever, and he started getting scared and liking me less. He missed me a lot for months. But I asked him once too many times to get back together. He got mad, and told me he will never date me again. I feel like he is too young to realize that we were really good together!

I have let him go. I do still miss him a lot even a year later. But my only consolation is when I remember that if he really loved me, he will miss me just as much, and come back, despite the long, messy breakup.


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  • I do know how you feel, to love someone so deeply and have to let them go. Maybe because I am older my ideals about relationships are different than others on this site. I do believe that if two people really do love each other they can work on their problems together and rebuild the love they once had, but that devotion must be equal on both sides. That is very rare.

    Maybe if you had left him alone after the break up he would have had the time to reflect and realize what you meant to him. However by you continuing to ask him to get back together you did the opposite of what you were trying to achieve and drove him away.

    Now he will have to date others and find the right one for him or consider that what he had with you was what he should have held on too. Maybe he might come back to you one day or he may not. It is during this time you will have to let him go and learn to love again after all you don't want to waste your life waiting for someone who may never come back, if it is meant to be he will return one day and if he does not than you also have your answer.

    Remember you can not make someone want to be with you or love you. Cherish what you have when you have it, not after it has gone. Life is too short.


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  • If it is meant to be it will be.


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  • I believe so. I also believe that our lives only improve and change happens for the best. so go out there ad meet new people but don't carry him with you when you start to date other people. show the new guy what YOU like and appreciate. Let him find his way of doing it instead of wanting him to do it the way your ex did.

  • Once they're gone then they're gone for good.


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