Im a capricorn girl that has a cancer male friend, now astrology believers tell me your honest opinion :)

ok we have been seeing each other for at least a month now and we're only (sex partners) in my eyes because he has a girl friend (o and she's a libra) but back to what I was saying we had sex maybe 5 or 6 times out the whole time we shared together which was A1 GRRRREAT, and he always tell me he have to stop talking to me, I guess he's scared that he'll fall inlove with me, he always tell me he Haven't met a girl like me, my sex is the best he ever had (even better than his girl) and last week after we had sex, we fell asleep (cuddle) together.. but here's the thing I think he's catching feelings for me but he don't want to show it but every time I'm by myself he always call me his baby, always staring at me smiling, and he'll say he loves me but in a joking way, he always ask me do I know how to cook, and he's so insecure about me cause he love asking me who else have I been seeing since us and I tell him nobody which is the truth but he always think I'm lying and he'll say negative things like calling me a whore and when I don't want to have sex with him nor be around him he starts saying negative things AGAIN like I hope you die which is awful and very heartless but I just look over the fact he can be an a**hole sometimes then when I'm about to go home he tells me please don't leave him smh I like him but I won't fall inlove knowing he has a girlfriend. Uh oh watch out libra lol ;)... but back to what I was saying, day before yesterday he was in a good mood then later that day he started acted funny and mean towards me, even tried to make me jealous by talking to his girl on the phone which I really care less about so when he got off the phone I called my other friend guy and our convo was about love which made the cancer guy very jealous, he told me to get out and not to come back but I never left so we had sex then after that he left went to next door and I went too cause that's where everybody come chill and playcards then he told me to stop trying to play a role that I can't get I think he saying stop trying to be his girlfriend but I'm not trying I mean maybe I'm just giving him the wrong impression because I don't even want him like that (just sex only) after all he misjudged me when he put me in his phone contacts under (Everybody girl) and I really hate when people misjudge me so yesterday I didn't say nothing to him although he stared at me smiling, he wanted me to say something but I just went home and I don't think I want to see him again :)


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  • Screw him. He sees you as a slut for sleeping with him. He had no respect for you. Leave before your hurt please!<3

    • nahh I just think he's taking his emotions too far too quick than it suppose to with me and I doubt it if I'm going to be hurt cause I only want one thing and one thing only from him nothing more nothing less and I guess that's what's hurting him ;)

    • Glad your confident! =)

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