If you already live together, is it a bad idea to really move in with each other after only 3 months?

Let me explain. My friend an I were looking for new place to live last September. But we live in NYC so good housing is hard to come by and expensive So,we decided to share a room.

We found one in a pretty nice apartment that we share 4 other guys who are all already working.

And 3 months ago I started dating one of them.Now my friend failed most her classes and is gonna drop out of college, which leaves me pretty screwed up. Finding a new place alone will be rather hard. So my boyfriend offered to move into his room and we could share the rent.

Altough techincally we already live together, I'm not sure if it's not a bit too early for that. His room is bigger than our was and it's also ensuite. If we break up I actually stil have to sleep in one bed with him for at least a while.


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  • It's a good idea if you want to save on expenses.


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