Girls, do you feel cheated out of a male female FRIENDship when a guy tells you

If he tells you one and or 2 things

1. He likes you in a romantic way

2. He doesn't trust himself around such a pretty girl

If you're just looking for friendship from a guy, but he tells you one of those two things, do you feel cheated out of a FRIENDship?


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  • This has happened to me before and is happening now.

    Yes I feel pissed off because they are only my friend to get with me, even though I've made it clear were just friends.

    Recently my guy friend tried to hold me and touch me inappropriately I was quite angry and now were not on speaking terms, he's apologized but he's crossed the line IMO.

  • Not really, I just move on and have other friends to focus on.


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