What's he really trying to do?

I told this guy who I'm with or whatever he considers himself that he could move in with me once I got my apartment ok? well if a guy sees you as a friend why would you move in with her? if you didn't like her well when I told him that he could have girls come and go as they please as long as I knew he got quiet he wasn't as excited as I expected him to be is this because he actually has feelings for me but wants his cake and to eat it to? help please:(
if you see me as a friend you could just come over and hang out with me you don't have to live with me right?


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  • some things guys want to keep for them self.if he likes you,be sure he doesn't want to bring some "friends" to your place,knowing this will hurt you.

    • well I told him that you may have girls at your brothers but if you bring them here let me know and ill leave I mean he was like well I do it at my brothers I'm like yeah I understand but your gonna live with a girl lol its a big difference

  • I sense sexual intentions.

    • well it would be a two bedroom apartment so if you say you see me as a friend there's no need to live with me you could just hang out with me and go home you know?

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