I'm so confused about what to do. Need advice!!

I this guy for a couple months. I think we got into a relationship to fast. It ended really fast but we remained friends. I just felt like we weren't connecting right. Now it's been almost five months since we have known each other.

We still see each other and hangout, but we just don't have the title. Now I feel like I want more, to the point it makes me sad. And, I wrote a few messages on his Facebook wall. One for his birthday, the other was just for fun. He deleted them and it really hurt my feelings. Especially since he's been adding a ton of random girls to his page, I hate seeing the notifications that he and some chick are friends so I want to delete him, but if I do, then I think it's time to move on. (granted, they were the only two messages on his wall. His Facebook is new)

I don't know what to do. One part of me wants to stay and hope our relationship turns into something. The other part wants to call it quits and move on. I'm so conflicted because I have feelings for him.

Last time I felt like this I deleted his number, (he didn't have a Facebook and apparently his phone broke, I can vouch for that since he is using an old phone) and he didn't call me for two weeks. After those two weeks I felt like I was moving on. It felt good. Then he started calling me again and now I like him even more.

In the beginning, I didn't feel like we were connecting because he was so quite, we didn't say much to each other. After we started talking again he's opened up a lot. He said he missed me.

Should I move on or stay and see what happens?

(Sorry this question is kind of unorganized and probably hard to understand.)


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  • You should really move on. He has already make it clear that you're just a girl in the back for him.


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