How long will my ex stay mad at me for?

I have been seeing a girl for 5 months and we have had some good times together. When I first went on a date with her I told her about my past and how I used to take drugs but that is all behind me now. Just recently my mother died and I have been grieving her death, I went out at the weekend and was offered a pill, I said no to begin with but then gave in and took it. I told my girlfriend the next day what I did as I felt guilty and she ended it with me. I have told her how sorry I am and how I wasn't thinking straight when I took it but she is persistent that she doesn't want me in her life no more. I love her so much and am truly sorry for my actions. Will she see it in her heart ever to forgive me?


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  • I'm sorry to hear about your mother's death.

    She took it a bit far by leaving you over that. If it were me, I'd get annoyed but just tell you not to do it again for your own good. She obviously doesn't want to be with a guy who's irresponsible enough to give into social pressures and take drugs. You can beg as much as you like but if she's intent on not getting back together then you can't change that. However, I do think she took it a little too far which leads me to believe that she didn't really love you that much and she used this situation as an excuse to leave you. That's just my guess so don't believe it to be true.

    Send her a message explaining yourself, how much you love her, you're sorry, you won't do it again and you really really want to make things work with her and leave it at that. The silence of you will make her think through what you said and it could change her mind, if she loves you that much.


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  • Possibly. But I commend her on her resolve. I'd keep up with no contact and see if she comes back.

  • She will never go back with you, unfortunately.


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