Will I get my girlfriend back after this break?

We are in college, and have been going out for about 6 months, and recently we have been fighting a lot. I know she would never cheat on me, but I always would get jealous when she would want to go to frat parties with her friends instead of hanging out with me. I know she needs space, and time with her friends too, but whenever I get a little jealous she gets mad, and we argue. I know she would never cheat on me, and I love her so much, but I feel like I don't show her I trust her enough. Right now she is also going through a lot of family problems, and final exams coming up, and has been stressing alot. we had a fight the other night, when we were both drunk, and then she decided that we should go on a break, and I agreed. but then she said, we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, and she just wanted to be best friends for a while, and that throughout the summer we would get back together. she also said she still loves me and cares about me alot. I know now after the past couple of days being without her, that I Haven't been giving her enough space as I should, and I need to show that I can trust her more. we still text occasionally, but it tears me up inside, because I still love her so much, and she knows this. I'm hoping this break will make us stronger in the long run, but I don't know if it will pull us apart (which she promised it wouldnt). I just want to know what my chances are of getting back with her? what I should do to help us get back together? what to expect from this? and how much time it will take? I love her, and want it to work so bad.


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  • Your chances are slim based on how you acted when you're still with her. Having trust issues is really bad.


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